The Resin Beast Painting Competition is back and even bigger in 2023!

Resin Beast 2023 Bigger Than Ever

This year the Resin Beast includes Para Bellum GamesCreature Caster, and Bestiarum Miniatures together for one amazing contest.

This allows us to double the prize pool and add multiple new categories for everyone to enjoy. We are looking forward to continuing this trend and expanding the Resin Beast each and every year!

For Resin Beast 2023 you will be able to submit single models from Creature Caster, Para Bellum Games or Bestiarum Games into the Large, Mid Size, or Small Model Categories… but that is not all! We are happy to announce the return of the Diorama category, and a brand new Unit or Warband category. Entrants are allowed to enter all five categories if they wish but we will only count the top three prizes for any one Entrant.

There is $21,000 USD in cash prizes, as well as merchandise, gift cards, and goods from our sponsors up for grabs.

In 2023 the Resin Beast will also be fully documented by Play On Tabletop. The fantastic videography of this much loved YouTube channel will be applied to the Resin Beast allowing us to display the entries, judging process, and (for those interested) interviews with the participants themselves. Expect the highest quality photography, and video of as many entries as we can! This means that the Resin Beast will be available on YouTube so that even those who couldn’t make it in person will be able to participate. While most categories will be awarded at Adepticon, some winners will only be announced online, making it exciting for everyone to tune in!

While the Resin Beast brings some of the best painters in the world together to compete, we also want to make it fun and accessible for all skill levels, so don’t be intimidated! The Resin Beast is themed as a dungeon crawl, with participants banding together to defeat the monster in his lair. Just by submitting an entry, you will have started on an adventure with all your fellow competitors to journey through our dungeon and slay the Resin Beast. Rewards, and danger awaits for all those who challenge the Resin Beast!

Be sure to read all the rules fully, as there are many changes, including size restrictions for all categories.