Multi Sponsor Prizes

The Resin Beast has been brought to you by multiple sponsors without whom this painting competition could not exist. Neither the hosts of the Resin Beast (Creature Caster & Para Bellum Games) nor any of the sponsors earn any proceeds from the painting competition. It is something that we all believe adds to the community and creates a wonderful event for everyone who is able to participate. Because this event is brought to you by multiple companies we have the following prizes that encourage participants to try painting

The Killing Blow: $1000 Cash Prize. For the entrant who obtains the highest average score with models from at least 2 of our major sponsors. This requires scoring high enough to place with least two entries. Please note that Diorama and Unit even if they include models from both companies will only count as a single entry. This prize represents our Best in Show Artist, and requires consistent performance across multiple metrics, so it is an extremely challenging, but rewarding achievement. If there are no qualifiers for the Killing Blow prize then the $1000 cash prize will be carried forward to next year's event!

Favored Ones: (bonus prizes) $2200 Cash in distributed Prizes of $200-$500. The Resin Beast is brought to you by multiple companies and sponsors, and wishes to encourage multiple painting styles and different levels of painting.

The Favored Ones prizes pick models from different categories that didn’t make the podium but that the major sponsors feel deserve special mention. This may be because a brand was under-represented in a category, or that there was a particularly unique or creative entry that, while exceptional, didn't score as highly on the judging metrics. These are not judged prizes, and are given out at the discretion of sponsors and include suggestions from other artists and attendees at the competition.