Terms & Conditions

All Entrants Agree to the Following: 

Creature Caster, Para Bellum Games, Bestiarum Games, Eldritch Foundry and Adepticon (The Administrators) can freely take images, video, or other media (The Media) of the models that are submitted. The Media shall henceforth be the property of The Administrators and the Entrant waives all moral rights in regards to The Media. The Administrators may use the images as they see fit without payment to the Entrant. The Administrators will make best efforts to include credit to the Entrant when using images or video of their entry, but the Administrators are not required to do so, and may choose not to do so at their discretion.

Entrants agree that in order to be eligible for prizes they consent to having their picture taken with their entry. Entrants will endeavor to make themselves available for the awards presentation.

Entrants agree that if they are selected to have their winning entry announced online that they will not make public (including but not limited through discussion or through any posts or other form of social media) their ranking until after the online announcement has been made.

The Entrant agrees to waive The Administrators from all liability or responsibility for any theft or damage that might occur to their entry. While The Administrators will always do their best to ensure the safety of the entries, the entrants accept that the convention is a public space, and there is a measure of risk associated with having their models on display. Models must be moved into and out of cases, and taken to a separate room for photography. While all care will be taken, accidents can happen, and the Entrant acknowledges they are aware of all risks and will not hold the Administrators liable for any damage to their entry, even due to the Administrators own handling of the entries.

The Entrant must leave their entry until the close of the exhibitors hall on Saturday during the Adepticon weekend as that is required for judging and photography. We ask that entries are left on Sunday as well to allow attendees of the Adepticon event to see the winning entries, however for those who have to travel the models may be picked up at close on Saturday. Entrants must reclaim their entry before the closing of the Exhibition hall on Sunday. If the Entrant fails to pick up their entree, Creature Caster and Para Bellum will take the entered models back to their warehouse. In such a case the Entrant is responsible to pay for all shipping costs related to returning the models to them and waives the Administrators from any damages that may occur due to transport or shipping. 

Creature Caster, Bestiarum Games, Eldritch Foundry and Para Bellum reserve the right to refuse admission of an Entrant or Entry for any reason. Bestiarum, Creature Caster, Eldritch Foundry and Para Bellum may exercise this right even after registration has been made. In this case, the Entrant will not be compensated in anyway, and sponsors are held harmless.