• Is the Resin Beast free to enter? Yes if you apply online before the event, or at the event with an ADEPTICON badge there is no charge to enter the resin beast. Entries made in person without a badge will cost $25.
  • I'm confused as to how I register, it looks like I am buying something? Registry is done online and resembles a checkout. The Registry has a price of $0 dollars, and you will not be billed anything. Once you have registered you will be given access to a google form that will finalize your entry, and help us set up and prepare for the Resin Beast :D
  • Can I enter a model that has placed in another contest? Yes provided that model has not placed or won an award at an in-person Resin Beast event then you are free to enter your model. 
  • Can I enter a model that I previously entered? One of the goals of the Resin Beast is to encourage and help painters improve. If you have put additional work into your entry, you may enter it into the Resin Beast for a second time, provided that it did not win any awards. Since we also want to see painters move forward and paint new things we won't allow for the same entry to return more than twice.

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