General Rules

General Rules for Model Entry:

Creature Caster, Para Bellum Conquest, Eldritch Foundry and Bestiarum Games Models must be the basis for your entry.

    • Conversions are welcome, but the original model must be clearly identifiable.
    • NO scratch-built models. Exception: base elements or diorama components can be scratch-built, provided the main focus of the entry is a Creature Caster, Para Bellum Conquest, Eldritch Foundry or Bestiarum Games model.
    • 3rd party bases, basing material, or narrative supporting elements are allowed, provided they are not the focus of the entry.
    • Models do not have to be produced in resin, and may be of any material produced by the companies (i.e. resin, plastic, pvc, siocast, or any other material).
    • When in doubt please email for confirmation.
  • Only one official entrant per entry.
    • If the work was done as a collaboration, only one of the collaborators may enter into the contest and will be given sole consideration when awarding prizes and credit for the entry.
  • The paint job must be your own work. You may not enter someone else’s creation under your own name, except in the following circumstances.
    • Anonymous Entries:
      • Some painters may wish to enter anonymously to avoid recognition of their name. While complete anonymity is not possible for legal reasons, there is a system to allow for as much anonymity as possible if so required. See additional rules below.
    • Entries from competitors unable to attend in person.
      • To allow as many people to participate as possible we will allow entries from people unable to attend through a representative. See additional rules below.
  • All Entrants must be registered online and their entries must be submitted in person at the Resin Beast Booth at Adepticon in time for judging.
    • Registration is done online at and must be completed before the entry can be accepted.
    • Entries will be accepted from opening on Thursday morning at 10am until Friday by 11am.
    • Judges will choose their top 10 in each category for each day (Thursday, Friday). Since each Judge makes that selection on a different day, entries submitted earlier will be seen by more judges and have a better chance of being selected as a top 10.
  • An Entrant may have multiple entries, but may only have one entry per Category.
    • There are a total of 5 Categories so this is a maximum of 5 entries (1 per category).
    • Categories are detailed below.
  • You MAY enter models that have won other competitions, or ones that have been shown online. You MAY enter models that you have entered before and worked to improve or modify. The only restriction is that you MAY NOT enter models that have placed at an in person (that is at a convention) Resin Beast Competition. Placing is defined as coming in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any category for the model.


  • A model’s base will be taken into consideration when judging, and can be important for creating thematic or narrative elements.
        • No additional points will be added for plinths or displays that extend beyond the base, however if such an element is added to a model, and not done with the same quality as the rest of the model it can lead to a loss of points (sometimes less is more).
        • Both the base and plinth are considered in size restrictions for the model.
      • All parts of the entry should be modeled to remain within the maximum dimensions whenever possible. 
        • If a weapon/wing/or some extraneous elements of the original model extends beyond the maximum allowable dimensions, this will not be marked down or refused entry. 
  • If in doubt on any point please check the FAQ ( and if your question is still not answered contact